Build Your Facebook Author Page in Five Easy Steps


With nearly 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social network – and one of the most popular marketing platforms for authors. Given its demographic and geographic breadth, I’d argue that having a Facebook page is a must when your goal is to promote yourself and your books.

Many of us already have personal Facebook pages, but don’t be tempted to fall back on yours when it comes time to market your writing. A Facebook page that’s expressly created for a public figure behaves differently than a personal page, and that’s important when it comes to activities like tagging and collecting follows and likes.

What follows is a guide to establishing and developing your Facebook author page.

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Book Booster: 10 Ways Authors Can Use Insta

This is the inaugural Book Booster Column on Digital Tools for Writing, Publishing, and Marketing.

Brought to us by ITW Author  and digital marketing expert Tessa Wegert.

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10 Ways Authors Can Use Insta

Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has become a valuable marketing tool for authors. As a visual platform with upwards of a billion active monthly users, it has the potential to increase awareness of your books, generate excitement about upcoming events, and even boost sales. [Read more…]

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