Debut Author Virtual Event 2020

What Makes a Good Thriller with the Debut Class of 2019


David Albertyn, K.P. Kyle, Rick Treon, August Norman tell you what they think is important for a good thriller.

Debut Author Spotlight: Leslie Karen Lutz


Cover of Fractured TideDebut author Leslie Karen Lutz brings us FRACTURED TIDE, a YA thriller set in the murky depths of a sea wreck and the sun-bleached shores of an abandoned island. 

FRACTURED TIDE follows Sia, a homeschooled teen who works to keep her family’s dive charter business afloat. Sia is helping her mother lead a charter when their boat is attacked by a tentacled sea creature. Sia, her younger brother, and a handful of survivors wash up on a deserted island, with no food–or rescue–in sight.

The island isn’t what it seems, and the creature lingers just off shore, waiting to swallow them, so Sia turns to the terrifying sinkhole at the heart of the island for answers. Only she has the skills to navigate the bottom of the sinkhole and to save them–before it’s too late.

Congratulations on your debut novel, Fractured Tide. On your website, you talk about two eerie dives you’ve done that inspired this book. What is it about diving that you feel drawn to?

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April 2020 Debuts

Congrats to Davin Goodwin, Katharine Schellman, and Sara Sligar on their April debuts!

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Debut Author Spotlight: Mary Keliikoa

I met Mary Keliikoa when we were both mentees in the Pitchwars class of 2016. I’m a fan of her work and her private investigator, Kelly Pruett. Like many of us, Kelly has a complicated life, though it wasn’t always that way. She married her high school sweetheart and started a family. Her dad was a PI and she was learning the business from him.

Life was simple—until it wasn’t.

After her husband cheated on her she divorced him, splitting custody of their daughter. Then her dad died. Kelly moved into his house—next door to her ex mother-in-law, by the way—and took over the business. To say she’s been going through some changes is an understatement, but the case she takes on in the opening pages of DERAILED, will change her life forever.

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March 2020 Debuts

Join us in congratulating our March 2020 Debuts: Don Bentley, Elle Marr,  Erica Ruth Neubauer, Al Pessin, Richard Z. Santos, and Diana Urban!

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February Debut Releases

Congrats to debuts Heather Chavez and Tessa Wegert on their February 2020 releases!

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Debut Releases – January 2020

Congrats to debuts Bonnar Spring, Chris Hauty, M.L. Huie, and Judy Melinek and T.J. Mitchell on their January 2020 releases!

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