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5 Ways to Use Audio to Sell More Books


From 2020 Virtual ThrillerFest 5 Ways to Use Audio to Sell More Books by Joanna Penn You can get more advice from Joanna here:


An Interview with Mysti Berry, Editor of The Low Down Dirty Vote, Volume II


This coming November will be one of the most important presidential elections the U.S. has ever faced. At the same time, voting rights are being threatened across the nation. It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed and powerless, but then we remind ourselves that it’s up to every one of us to carry on the fight. We can donate to the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and other voting rights organizations. Or we can find more creative ways to make a difference which is exactly what author / editor Mysti Berry did with her Low Down Dirty Vote anthologies. 

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Canadian Women Writers Talk Crime Fiction

By Samantha M. Bailey

It’s an exciting time in Canadian commercial fiction because , more than ever, female authors are lining bookstore shelves and hitting bestseller lists. Many of these books are thrillers and suspense, and I’m so proud to be a part of this supportive, brilliant community of writers. Today, I have four powerhouse authors here with me to discuss writing about the dark side and our beautiful home of Canada.

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How It Happened by Alexia Gordon

Alexia Gordon Covers

“It” happened because of traffic.

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Sisters in Crime

By E.A. Aymar

When it comes to addressing controversial social issues in crime fiction, no organization is more adept at meeting that challenge than Sisters in Crime. Formally established in 1987 with the goal of ensuring that female crime writers were given the same opportunities and access that their male counterparts enjoyed, the organization now includes thousands of members and multiple chapters across the world.

I’ve always been impressed with the organization and a member for years, and I was honored to interview Sisters in Crime’s past president (Sherry Harris) and its current president (Lori Rader-Day).

How did you each first get involved with Sisters in Crime?

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Thoughts on Self-Publishing

Elizabeth Lacks (Editor, St. Martins Press), Laurie McLean (President, Fuse Literary) and Toby Neal (The Lei Crime series) discuss the benefits and difficulties of self-publishing and traditional publishing.

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