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You write crime fiction, of course, but there’s one key decision every author has to make. What specific genre are you writing?

From police procedural to paranormal to cozy, there are many subgenres under that crime fiction umbrella, and your path to success can depend on understanding the rules and conventions for exactly what kind of book you are writing.

Understanding your genre is pivotal for landing an agent, a book deal, marketing, promotion, publicity, event planning, convention panels, library and bookstore placement, and even reviews. And crucial for meeting your readers’ expectations.

Sound overwhelming? Let us help. ITW Presents invited three bestselling authors (Rhys Bowen, Jennifer J. Chow and Stephen Mack Jones) and a superstar agent (Nikki Terpilowski) to discuss genre: not only what they write and why and how their genre choice affected their careers, but also advice on how to frame your manuscript for agents and making your novel the best it can be.

Moderated by Elena Hartwell Taylor